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Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum per order? Can I purchase less than that minimum?
Yes, there is a $99 minimum total on each order.
We sell wholesale and only to resellers* & wholesalers. We do not sell to end-customers (retail customers) because we want to protect our wholesale customers’ business.

As a major and world-leading manufacturer and jewelry distributor with clients all over the world - we are, together with several other large manufacturers and distributors, responsible for the market pricing health and the integrity of the wholesale jewelry market and believe an even higher minimum is required to ensure that retail customers are not "cutting out the middlemen" (our customers, the resellers) and purchasing directly from us instead. The best way to ensure that retail customers will purchase from you instead of us is by setting a high enough minimum order requirement. That said, we realize that setting it too high may, in some cases (such as first-time sample orders) cause some problems for a reseller and therefore we have set it as $99 minimum which is set so low especially for first time test/sample orders. If you are interested in a lower minimum, you may purchase from any retail jewelry company or one of our** customers.

* Our only requirement is the order minimum. We do not require any kind of business-license or similar government registration. Any customer may purchase from us, as long as the order-total exceeds the minimum total requirement.
** For privacy reasons, we do not provide contact information of our customers/resellers (who sell to retail customers).

Important Note: Occasionally we may temporarily revise the minimum order requirement, for example, during clearance sales and other special pricing packages & promotions. The up to date minimum is always displayed at the header of our website, when you are logged in.
Is there any minimum per product?
No, there is no minimum per product. You may purchase even 1 piece per product.
How do I make an order on this website?
Making your order is quite simple. Please click here for a quick guide on how to do it.
Are there any additional discounts?
Yes, in addition to our world's largest selection, excellent quality products & service, very attractive prices and free shipping option, here are additional volume discounts and store-credits we offer:

Orders over US$499 get 3% discount
Orders over US$799 get 5% discount
Orders over US$999 get 7% discount
Orders over US$1,500 get 9% discount
Orders over US$2,000 get 11% discount
Orders over US$3,000 get 13% discount
Orders over US$5,000 get 14% discount
Orders over US$10,000 get 15% discount and additional 5% store-credit (usable credit for 45 days)
Orders over US$25,000 get 20% discount and additional 5% store-credit (usable credit for 90 days)

Important Note: Occasionally we may temporarily revise the offered volume discounts, for example, during clearance sales and other special pricing packages & promotions. The up to date discounts are always displayed at the header of our website, when you are logged in.
Do you ship free samples?
We don't ship free samples.
Nevertheless, we are very confident that you will be satisfied with our products and we back this statement up with the manufacturer-guarantee/return policy we offer, so if you are not happy with your order for any reason - you may return it back to us, no questions asked.
You may read our Shipping & Returns information page for full details about our return policy.

In fact, we are so confident that you will be satisfied with our products that we provide 30 days manufacturer's guarantee/return policy (the longest guarantee in the wholesale jewelry industry).
Can I visit your office in Bangkok and make my order there?
You are welcome to visit our Bangkok head office after making an appointment with us, if you wish to discuss business matters.
That said, we don't have a shop or showroom in Bangkok to showcase or sell our products but we showcase them here with very clear photos and accurate descriptions. We sell via this website only, thus all orders have to go through our website only.
You have a very large selection of products. Are they all in stock now?
Yes, they are. Our website is also our real-time stock system.
Thus, all of the products that you see on our website match the products and their quantities that are in stock in our warehouse.
Out of stock products instantly become inactive and are no longer displayed on our website until they are being restocked.
We can not guarantee a sold out item will be restocked again or if yes, when this will happen, but if you are interested in an out of stock product or more stock than available, we may be able produce it for you with certain MOQs.
Please feel free to contact us for details regarding production orders.
The available quantities you have for the products I want are not enough, how can I get more?
If you need larger quantities than our available stock or need some sold out items, please note that we can also mass produce our products for you.
Please kindly contact us for more details.
I purchased a product from you before, but I can't find it now, do you still carry it?
If you use the search option with the accurate product code and you can't find a product you purchased from us before, that means that it is out of stock. Our automatic stock system instantly hides all out of stock products when they get sold out.
Due to the very large selection of products that we have (thousands of products) it is impossible for us to determine if and when a specific product will be back in stock. Products get discontinued for multiple reasons, without notice.
For this reason - we highly recommend that if you see in-stock products that you wish to buy - purchase them first and don't wait for other products because products in stock today may get sold out very quickly also.
Do you engrave?
Yes, but not for orders made through our website.
We do offer engraving services for product purchased using our "production order" option.
For more details about this option, please contact us.


Which payment methods do you accept? How can I get the payment instructions?
We accept the following:
Online (Instant & Automatic) Payments:
- All credit/debit cards via Paypal, including direct Paypal account payments
- All credit/debit cards via 2checkout

Offline Payments:
- Bank Transfers
- Western Union

If you select one of the offline payment methods (Bank-TT or Western Union), the payment instructions will be sent to you by email automatically after you complete the ordering process on our website.
If you cannot find the payment instructions email in your inbox within 10 minutes after checkout, please check your spam/junk mail folder and add our email address to your white list/safe list so that future emails from us will be delivered to your inbox.

**Please kindly note that orders over US$10,000 must be paid for by bank wire transfer only.
Do you charge sales tax?
No, we do not charge any sales tax.
Will my payment and order be insured?
Yes, your payment will be 100% insured as all payments are fully insured by your credit card company and payments made through Paypal are double insured (both by Paypal and your card issuer).
Also, all orders are fully insured during delivery for damage or loss. Thus, in the rare event that your order is lost or has not been delivered, you will receive a full refund of your payment for that order in the form of a store credit.


Which countries do you ship to? How much will it cost to ship my order?
We ship to all countries worldwide.
All our shipping rates are weight based, and we also offer a FREE WORLDWIDE SHIPPING option. Please read our Shipping & Returns information page for full details.
How long will it take to receive my order?
All orders are processed and shipped within 3-4 business days from the cleared payment time.
We ship using the world's best and largest Express couriers (UPS, DHL, FedEx and EMS) and their delivery times vary depending on the destination and the courier service you choose during your checkout.
In most cases, your order will arrive within 3-7 business days from the date we shipped it, depending on the shipping option that you chose.
The shipping service is Door-to-Door in all cases, except for EMS which may require you to pick up your order at the post office or another location (their delivery options are different in each country).
If you choose our free shipping option - your order's delivery may take 10-14 business days from shipping date. For full information please read our Shipping & Returns information page.
What is your free shipping promotion?
For a limited time only - we offer a FREE shipping option for all orders with a total of US$299 or more.
When your order qualifies for the free shipping option, the free shipping option will be displayed in your available shipping options during the checkout process and you may select it or instead you may select one of our faster paid shipping options.

Important Note: During special promotions, clearance sales and/or other special events, the free shipping option may not be available.
I cannot see my country in your shipping information page, can I order from you?
Yes, you can! We ship to all countries worldwide and your country is definitely one of them.
Please contact us for details on the available shipping options to your country.
What is your Return Policy?
All orders go through several quality control inspections before being shipped out.
We do this to ensure that all products shipped out are in excellent condition. In the rare event that a product arrives in an unsatisfactory condition or is defective, we will accept its return within 30 days from the delivery date.
Before making your return, please send us the details by email. The email should include the codes of the products, their quantities and the fault(s) of each product. We will then get back to you with further returns instructions and with your RMA form. Please note that returns without the RMA form will not be accepted.

More details in our Shipping & Returns information page.
How are your products packaged when shipped?
All of our products are shipped packaged in plastic zip bags and we add bubble wraps and other necessary packaging materials to ensure that all orders will be received safely and in the same excellent condition they have left our warehouse.
I noticed that you do not ship to Russia by UPS, FedEx & DHL, but I really want to ship with them. What can I do?
We would also like to ship to you (to Russia) by UPS, FedEx or DHL.
However, due to the red tapes or overly stringent requirements of the Russian customs, it’s very difficult for orders shipped through these couriers to pass customs clearance in Russia.

If you’d like to use UPS, FedEx or DHL, please make sure that you have all the documents that the Russian customs require for the clearance process and then let us know.
Please kindly note that we will not take any responsibility if your order fails to pass customs clearance.
Do you drop ship?
No, we do not drop ship, we only sell direct.
To import your products, I need a Certificate of Health and/or a Statement of Origin. Can you provide these documents?
Yes, we can.
After you’ve made your order, please send us a request for these documents by email and state if you want the documents attached to your order when shipped and/or if you want us to send them to your email.


I would like to custom produce a product, can you make it for me? What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?
Generally we can, but due to the very high volume of incoming orders and very busy production lines (producing our existing lines, thousands of different products), we are unable to accept custom made production orders at this time.
We are working very diligently to expand our production capacities and are expecting to have this issue resolved in the near future.
I would like to use your copyrighted pictures when I resell your products, is it possible?
Yes, it is possible to download and use the pictures of the products you purchased in your own website and/or marketing materials. We provide this service because we believe this will help you boost your sales.

Here is how to get them:
After you have placed your order, please go to your My Account page. There you will see the button “DETAILS OR OTHER OPTIONS”. When you click it, a pop up window will appear with several options that include the “Download Images “ option. By clicking the “Download Images” link, you will be able to save all of the images of the products you purchased from us, easily and conveniently, in full size and without any watermark.
All of the images will be downloaded to your device inside a ZIP file.
Give it a try, it's easy! Please note that you must complete your payment so that the download option will become available. If you placed an order with bank transfer or western union as your payment method, the download option will be available only after we receive your payment.
Are your pendants sold together with the chains as shown in the pictures?
No, they are sold without chains, unless specified otherwise in the product's name (for example: Alloy Fashion Cross Pendant w/ 46cm Rubber Chain - FCF001 ).
Nevertheless, we carry lots of chains in our chains categories that you can also purchase separately to use with the pendants.
We generally recommend to purchase the thinnest chains we carry (up to 2mm/0.079inch width) for pendants, as they will fit even the smallest pendant bail diameter.
How can I get your chains in shorter or longer lengths?
The length of most of our chains is 60cm as this is the most popular length.
If you need shorter/ longer chains, you can purchase the 60cm chains and reduce/ increase their lengths by adjusting or joining their links. You can also order our chains by meters or on a spool. Please kindly contact us for more details.
What is the coating you use on the black and gold steel items?
The coating is the highest quality PVD coating.
What kind of metal are the fashion jewelry made of?
Our fashion jewelry products are all made of Alloy unless otherwise stated in their descriptions.
Are all your wholesale steel jewelry products stamped with "Stainless Steel" or "316L"?
All of the wholesale steel jewelry products that we sell via our site are overstocks of items that we produced for very large international corporations. Some of these customers require that we do not stamp anything on the items as they do engravings in their own facilities.
For that reason some of our products are not stamped, but rest assured that they are all exactly as advertised on our site and we use the highest quality materials to produce each and every piece that we sell. You can also have our products tested after purchase by any qualified lab to verify that they are indeed as advertised on our site.


How are you able to offer your wholesale jewelry at such low prices?
We are the world's largest manufacturers and distributors of wholesale jewelry. The extremely large volume of merchandise we manufacture and sell enables us to offer the best pricing available for our product lines, and we pass the savings on to our customers.
We also avoid unnecessary expenses such as unnecessary advertising or printed catalogs. We base our business on high volume and repeat buying, which allows us to offer such low prices on wholesale jewelry directly to you.
Do you have a printed catalog? Can you send me one?
Due to dynamic catalog we have and the very high frequency we add new products and sell out or discontinue other products we do not have any catalog except for our website, which is the most up to date catalog. Our website is also our real-time stock system.
We work very hard every year to bring the latest designs in wholesale jewelry to the market, thus our product styles and stock fluctuate throughout the year. Our online store always contains the most updated version of our entire product lines, and we encourage you to refer to and print (if necessary) the extremely large selection of wholesale products available on our website.
Do you send new products newsletters?
Yes, we do, if you are subscribed to our newsletters.
Newsletters showcasing a small selection of latest new arrivals are sent out at least once a week.
Nevertheless, we do add lots of new products almost daily, thus the best way to keep yourself updated with our latest products and current stock is to check our new arrivals page very often.
Are you affiliated with other wholesale jewelry companies?
No. Our factory, offices, and all of our main operation is mainly based in Bangkok and we are not affiliated with any other wholesale jewelry supplier. We also manufacture in our owned factories in South Korea and Japan.
I have a few more questions, how can I contact you?
If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact us via email: or phone +1-914-265-2237 (USA)

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