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The World's Largest & Leading Manufacturer of Top Quality 316L Grade Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry

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Finally you can offer your customers the latest wholesale fashion stainless steel jewelry PLUS exclusive designs that don't look like everyone else's!
Get the latest styles of rings, pendants, earrings, chains, watches, wallet chains, jeans chains, brooches, pins, tools, gift bags, body jewelry, cufflinks, bracelets and much more at true wholesale prices - and gain high profits with our exclusive jewelry designs that set you apart from your competitors!
316Steel Corp. is a world leading manufacturer of stainless steel jewelry, 925 sterling silver jewelry, tungsten jewelry and wholesale fashion jewelry. We are dedicated to being the #1 wholesale stainless steel jewelry wholesaler by providing high quality stainless steel jewelry with unique designs at incredible prices, fast order turnaround time, low shipping cost, and personal service.

Wholesale Stainless Steel Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier

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Watsampraya, Pranakorn,
Bangkok, 10200, Thailand.
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